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"Napoli" Blue Cotton Stretch Trouser


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Crafted from  soft "Napoli" blue cotton  with a dash of elastane for added stretch and comfort,... more
Product information ""Napoli" Blue Cotton Stretch Trouser"

Crafted from soft "Napoli" blue cotton with a dash of elastane for added stretch and comfort, styled with a clean line and tapered leg. Signature Orazio details include a large extended tab fastening belt, a French fly, and a thick waistband to provide an adequate grip.

Each of  Orazio Luciano's trousers takes about 13 hours to make, the waistbands are sewn-in by hand, reinforced stitches at the pleats, double stitching along the seams, and hand-stitched details in the inner lining.

Great with a sartorial blazer but equally good with a knit, it is a trouser that represent a philosophy of understated elegance. This wardrobe fundamental is equally at home at the golf club, the garden party and the lunch meeting. 

Color: Blue
Material: Cotton, Elastane
Pattern: Uni
Pockets: Standard Pockets "America"
Buttons: Dark Brown
Front Details: Flat Front with Zip
Composition: 3% Elastane, 97% Cotton
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